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Fall Guys Lite is an arcade-style car racing game with a unique championship structure. Players compete against AI-controlled opponents in a variety of tournaments, each with its own set of rules and restrictions. There are no fuel or time limits; the player that has the last car standing at the end of a race wins. Players may choose from one of five characters and drive one of twelve different cars. Each car has its own advantages, but they all handle similarly. The game features realistic physics and damage modeling as well as an optional first-person view mode. There are three tracks available for local play and ten more available online for downloading. These tracks are designed to be raced several times with different cars, keeping things fresh by introducing new challenges and strategic considerations each

So you think you can drive? Well, we’re about to find out. In Fall Guys, you must drive your car through a series of challenging obstacle courses while avoiding hazards and collecting gold coins. Do well and you’ll unlock new levels with more challenges. Do poorly and… well, let’s just say there better be a doctor in the house! And if that sounds like something you could handle, then pull up your virtual car bucket seat and get ready for some seriously crazy driving. This is no ordinary racing game; it is one of the best 3d games because it requires skills and strategy rather than just fast reflexes. So what are you waiting for? Hit the gas and get ready to roll!

With an abundance of riches and luxury, the Royal family of Montresor is a prime target for thieves. Unfortunately for you, you are now one of those thieves; captured and locked away in the tower dungeons. Now you must break back in to steal the Crown Jewels and escape with your life! You can play as either Carlo or Milton – both have their own strengths, but you can switch your character at any time when prompted. The lite version gives you access to the first two scenarios of this challenging game. The Fall Guys will test your intellect and wit – do you have what it takes to crack this code? Good

Falling is not a new concept for video games. In fact, it’s widely used as an in-game activity that increases the level challenge. These activities have been widely used to date but there are still game developers out there who are willing to experiment and mashup other concepts with falling to come up with new and brilliant ideas. Fall Guys lite is one of those new and brilliant ideas that you should check out right away if you like playing adventurous 3D games with lots of action and fast-paced challenging

The Fall Guys: Lite Royale is a free-to-play battle racing game. Race against other players and drive your way through exotic locations. Customize your car and upgrade it to get faster and more agile. Play the single player campaign to unlock new locations and characters, or play with friends in cooperative mode or compete against them in PvP matches. Read on to find out

How To Play Fall Guys Lite Royale

Using Mouse

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