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The Fall Guys is an arcade game released by Atari in 1984. Up to two players can simultaneously control a pair of intrepid stuntmen on a perilous movie shoot, leaping from tall buildings in the process. Each stuntman has his own set of skills, and you must use them wisely to avoid getting hurt. As you progress through each level, the stunts get riskier and your chances of survival grow slimmer. Your ultimate goal is to complete all 20 levels without getting caught by the cops or falling to your death. If that doesn’t sound challenging enough, try doing it all while avoiding the attention of a maniacal killer hunting down the cast of this film! Good

Falling is the new rising in this fast-paced arcade platformer with limitless risk, challenging obstacles, and no brakes. You will lead a team of old friends and new acquaintances through 40 unique levels as they run, slide, swing, and leap their way to safety or imminent death. With a dynamic camera and gorgeous graphics, The Fall Guys: Run! has been described as mix between Temple Run and Super Mario Bros. 3. Anyone can pick up the game and run for their life! But only the best will conquer the final And survive the Cannonball Now it’s time to show what you’re made of. Are you

Stay ahead of the game and avoid being caught as a Fall Guy. Players control one of three convicts who are busted out of prison to help catch a masked serial killer known as The Taxman. Lead your character through various challenges to avoid capture and return to jail as quickly as possible so you can resume your life of crime in comfort. This is an interactive read-and-play game with six challenging puzzles that will test your logic, reading, and recognition skills. Each time you are caught, move back one space on the board. Stay uncaught to win the

The Fall Guys is an arcade-style, 2D side-scrolling adventure game. In this game you control one of the two characters at any given time. You take turns playing both of them with the goal being to reach the end of each level and avoid getting caught by the police. The only catch is that if your character gets caught by cops, they will swap to the other character who must now escape from jail and free their partner. Good

The Fall Guys is an action-packed arcade game with a unique and challenging gameplay. You take the role of one of two fearless stuntmen that are called on to complete dangerous stunts for a big production company. This will require you to use your wits and reflexes to dodge falling objects, avoid traps, climb ladders, and more! If you’ll be able to complete all the challenging tasks

How To Play Fall Guys Runner : Mobile

Using Mouse

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