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Hamster Island is an interesting management game. It’s an animal farm where you have to take care of hamsters. You must build enclosures, feed your hamsters and make sure they don’t run away from the farm. You can play this game using a mouse only. Build different types of enclosures for your cute little hamsters, from simple huts to more elaborate structures such as log cabins and treehouses. You can also give your pets names so that you can keep track of them more easily. Look after your hamsters by providing them with the correct food and clean water at all times. As they eat a lot, plan their meals in advance by placing them close to a food source or having access to one via a path or bridge. The type of food you give them affects their appearance which in turn affects their sell price when you are ready to sell them or buy new ones in the trading post at the end of each time.

Hamster Island is a cute hamster management game. In this game, you have to take care of your hamster as it is your pet. You need to feed your Hamster by giving it different types of food so that it grows up healthy and strong. Different environments are available for you to keep your Hamster in. The more care you give the better your pet will grow up eventually. There are many things you need to keep an eye on while playing this game such as the space, kinds of foods offered, amount of time given, and many more. Think carefully before taking any actions and keep in mind the consequence of those actions too! You can even upgrade your home as well as the spaces where your pets stay by completing different in-game activities and achievements. The better environment for them, the healthier they will be.

You’re the manager of a hamster care center. You must take good care of them. Have fun! The game is very You need to take care of your hamsters and make them happy so they will produce more eggs and give you money each day. The money you get from selling the hamsters will be used to upgrade your home so it can accommodate more hamsters and buy new accessories for your home that will help your hamsters even more. 

A cute hamster called Hammy has been kidnapped by a fox. You have to help him escape from the island and make friends with other creatures so he can be rescued. The objective of this game is to help Hammy collect food for survival, find shelter, build nests for easier care, meet new animals and build friendships. Build your own home and manage your cute hamster carefully! It won’t be easy to raise a hamster but the more you care for it, the happier it will be.

Build your own cute hamster habitat by collecting and upgrading materials. You’ll need to build multiple levels before you turn it into a perfect habitat. But remember, every little step counts when you’re trying to build something new. This game is aimed at kids between the ages of 4 and 8. It helps them learn about different types of animals, the importance of good hygiene, and the value of hard work. Try it now.

How To Play Hamster Island

Key Features - Interesting gameplay in the genre! - Beautiful & colorful graphics! - Intuitive interface! - Easy controls! Tap or click to play!

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