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The Shop Management Series of games is designed to teach you about the basics of running a small business. The series is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to run a small business, from accounting and marketing to keeping track of finances and inventory. In each game in the series, you will manage a different type of small business: a general store, an ice cream shop, a fashion boutique, or a grocery store. You will be able to choose the location where your business is located and what kind of products you are going to sell. You will also have different options when it comes to the size of your company and how many employees you want to hire. Each game takes you through a set of different scenarios that require you to make decisions about how best to operate your small business in order To succeed as the owner of such a business. As you progress through the games in this series, you will learn more about running your own commercial establishment as well as understanding basic accounting principles so that your financial records are reliable.

Shop Empire is a mind challenging game where you have to build up and manage your own business in the nearest future. You are the owner of a new shop that is named 'The Shop Empire'. This means it’s time for you to take charge and become the boss. Your target is to establish it as one of the most popular shopping hubs in New York City. In this fun and exciting strategy game, you will be given the complete control of your venture. You can choose whatever sort of shop you want, whether it’s an online outlet selling trendy clothes or a physical retail store selling top-of-the-line electronics. In order to make your venture successful, you will be assigning workers who specialize in various jobs such as working at cash registers, customer service, marketing products and more. 

The objective of this game is to run your own business and grow it by expanding your retail shop. You have a small, teeny, retail shop that sells basic items. It may not seem like much, but you can grow this business into a big, successful enterprise. In this game you start with a cafe that sells only basic items. Expand your retail shop by acquiring new departments and sell more items to increase revenue and allow you to expand. Acquire new suppliers and build storage facilities so that you don’t run out of room to store stuff. With a little luck and skill, you can win the game.

The company you’ll be working for is a small, local company with only a few branches and a loyal customer base. You’ll need to create strategies and layouts for the different shops so that they can efficiently sell their products. The layout of each shop will be different, so you’ll also need to account for differences in buying habits and preferences. Think you have what it takes to run a successful retail business? Well then here is your chance! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback - we love to hear from people who enjoy our Market Boss game.

You run a shop. You stock products. You sell them at a profit to earn money. If you keep costs low and prices high, then customers will come back for more. This is where you can learn how to be a successful business. What are you waiting for? Let's play this game now!

How To Play Market Boss

WASD or arrow keys or (hold) the left mouse button = move Left-click = interact

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