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The Stair Race 3D game is a platform game for Android and iOS. Run and jump over stairs in this 3D game. Confused? You wouldn’t be the first. The concept is simple: you control a runner who needs to run and jump over a bunch of stairs. Each level has a set number of stairs you need to run and jump over to finish the level. You need to run and jump over as many stairs as you can in the limited time. Sounds simple enough, right? The difficulty increases with each level you complete. The goal of each level is to finish it with the least amount of mistakes. If you’re looking for a challenging and fun game, you’ve come to the right

The most dangerous and thrilling race is here. Are you ready to take this challenge? The Stair Race is not a race where you will finish first. This is a test which will test your stamina, endurance and courage to the limit. Are you ready to take it? Are you ready to take this test? If yes, read on to know more about this challenge. Stair Race 3D is an amazing racing game. Not only the game is amazing but also the best part is that it is 3D. You will definitely love this race to the core. Let’s get started with the rules of the

This is the official 3D version of the Stair Race challenge. In this version, you are given a set of stairs and you must race as many people as possible. This can be done in single player or multiplayer mode. Challenge your friends and family members to see who can make it to the end of the stairs the fastest. Your goal is to run as fast as you can and reach the finish line as fast as possible. In single player mode, you will run against the computer. The computer can be set to three difficulty

The Stair Race 3d is a 3D platformer where you control a dude who is climbing a staircase and avoiding obstacles. The game has an interesting gameplay and an awesome soundtrack. The run speed and the difficulty can both be increased as the player progresses. It's a great game for when you’re waiting in line or if you just want something to do. Try not to get caught by the evil secret service agents who will try to trap you and force you to go back down the

In this game, you need to help the cute little green monster reach the top of the stairs with as few steps as possible, before the timer runs out. The first few times you play, it may seem pretty easy. But as the difficulty increases and you get better at the game, things start to get progressively harder until you are challenged to the ultimate test – the 3D Stair Race! Can you beat the 3D Stair Race and earn the prize money? Good

How To Play Stair Race 3D

Using Mouse

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