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Run over evil creatures, collect coins and unlock new characters in this Running game. Run Over Evil Creatures! The entire world is under attack from monsters! You are their only hope to survive this onslaught! You must run faster than them all to stay one step ahead of them all. Collect Coins and Unlock New Characters as you complete each level and try to survive the onslaught. Run as fast as you can through the city streets dodging smaller monsters as well as cars and trucks, while also avoiding much larger enemies that will eat you alive if they catch up with you. They’ll chase after you, so make sure to never get trapped on an area of town where they can stun lock you into a corner. The longer you run, the more dangerous the creatures become. Use your coins wisely by purchasing power ups like double speed for a few coins or invincibility for a set amount of time for 5 coins. There are multiple playable characters that have different attributes; pick one that suits your play style best and keep it simple by playing through just one character at a time instead of switching back and forth between them every few seconds during a session. You can unlock all characters by reaching certain milestones (levels) in each chapter’s campaign mode or buy them using ingame money when you reach a certain point in the game’s progression

Keep them all away! Run, jump and escape from the evil creatures in this fast-paced platform game. Avoid being trapped by the enemies and don't let them overlap. If they do, they'll merge into a single stronger creature! Enjoy this fun run as you run to stop all of them before they merge again! Keep Them All is inspired by classic arcade games where you have to keep enemies from reaching your space ship or keep them away from breaking through your castle walls with cannons. In this version of the popular game, you must stop all of them before they merge into one again. This will happen if two or more are touching at any point in their path. Keep Them All is easy to play but hard to master as you get faster and faster trying to avoid the monsters that try to trap you or merge with another one. Try different strategies: can keeping the enemies away be a good strategy? Or trapping some of them? Don’t give up, it might take a while until you start seeing results. You can also practice on different endless runner games online like Pixel Runner 2, Monster Dash or Super Dash Galaxy in order to master these type of challenging levels and become better at this fun genre of

It’s the perfect night for a murderous rampage. Are you up to the task? Stop Them All is an arcade game inspired by slasher movies. The only thing standing in your way are YOU! Stop people one by one, or try to survive all the psychopaths that want to kill you. There’s no telling what kind of twisted creature lurks among us, but we know this: they don’t deserve a second chance at being human. Play as one of 30+ characters (each with their own insane story), and stop them before it’s too late. Stop Them All features over 30 characters with different personalities & stories. You can play as popular movie and video game heroes, or take control of our most disturbing villains for one last battle against humanity. Your choice determines which ending you get at the end! Who knows? Maybe after killing everyone else, you’ll finally receive mercy from your

Run, jump, and fight your way past hordes of zombies in this awesome running game! Stop Them All is a simple to play yet highly addictive game. The player controls a guy who is trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. To do so, he must run, jump and fight his way past the oncoming zombies. The game offers three different game modes (Normal Mode, Hard Mode and Night Mode) with a total of 10 different levels in each mode. In addition to that, you can also unlock new characters by completing certain tasks throughout the game’s campaign

Run, jump and fight your way to safety as you escape from the evil clutches of Doctor Claw in this fun side-scrolling action game! Make use of your surroundings as you run and fight your way out. You'll need to be smart if you want to survive. Climb ladders, shimmy along pipes, roll under gates and more! If you see any gaps in the security system, make sure to take advantage of it before they seal it off again! Keep an eye on the time too. You only have so much energy so hurry up if you want to stay

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Description Stop Them All is a fascinating casual game. The controls couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is tap the Activate button when you want the trap to start its action or movement. Key Features - Interesting gameplay in its genre! - Beautiful & colorful graphics! - Intuitive interface! - Easy controls! Instruction Click or tap to control.

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