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Introduce Undertale Yellow:

Undertale Yellow, a creation by Toby Fox that hit the gaming scene in 2016. It's like a magical mix of fun, excitement, and touching stories.
Your job in Undertale Yellow ? Help a kid stuck in Clover and pals navigate a world full of monsters and get back to the surface. What makes it cool? The fighting system lets you choose kindness over fights, and that choice guides you to different endings.

How to Play Undertale Yellow?

There are two ways to enjoy it on your PC: online and a downloadable version on Game Jolt.
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Controls to Make Your Journey Easy:

[ARROW KEYS] - Move around
[Green Flag] - Start Over
[Z] - Confirm
[X] - Cancle
Just remember, if your character's health drops to zero, it's game over. Have a great time on your Undertale Yellow adventure!

New gameplay updated in Undertale Yellow

While Undertale Yellow keeps things familiar with turn-based combat and the whole Fight-Spare thing, it throws in some fresh stuff:
Solve new puzzles that challenge your creativity and problem-solving skills.
Experience an upgraded combat system with better mechanics and new enemies.

Discover the Characters of Undertale Yellow:

Let's take a look at the diverse team of characters in the undertale Yellow universe. It is a combination of familiar faces from classic Undertale, adding many completely new characters, increasing the novelty and excitement of the game.

The Main Crew

Meet Clover: The star of the show – a curious and kind child tumbling into the Underground. Unlike Frisk, Clover has some unique tricks up their sleeve, making the story extra special.

Dalv: is the mysterious guide, popping up to help Clover on their journey. But, shhh, Dalv's motives and origins are wrapped in a cloak of secrecy, adding a touch of intrigue.

Ceroba: a skilled monster warrior loyal to the Royal Family, joins Clover as an ally. Together, they tackle the challenges lurking in the Underground.

Starlo: a young and optimistic monster child, brings a breath of fresh air to the story. Their innocence shines in the Underground's tough realities.

Old Friends Making a Comeback

Flowey, the mischievous golden flower, is back, playing a big role in Undertale Yellow's plot.

Toriel, the caring goat monster, meets Clover early on. Despite her kindness, Toriel holds some deep secrets and regrets.

Snowdin, the quirky skeletal brothers, returns, providing laughs and deep thoughts. Stay tuned to unravel their role in the unfolding story.


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