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Hyper Cubed is an Addictive puzzle game with very simple rules, and lots of challenging levels! Hyper Cubed follows the same rules as other popular puzzle games. Solve complicated puzzles by making clever use of the limited set of objects at your disposal. Except that in this game, it’s not just about using the right object in the right place. It’s also about forming those objects into shapes and patterns to create new ones that can fit inside a Hyper Cubed offers over 900 levels spread across 5 different worlds. Each of these worlds has its own difficulty level, which means there is something for everyone! You will encounter a wide variety of challenges, from simple puzzles to extremely difficult ones that test your logic, skill and patience (some are even impossible until you think of a solution!) - How many levels can you get through before you give up? Get ready to test your limits and your brain with Hyper

This is The Addictive Stickman Games!! From now on, you will find new Addictive Games every day, we will keep adding new games frequently to make your stay more enjoyable! And If you like let us know. ^^ In this game you need to help the stickman reach the exit door by solving the levels safely with the ball and collecting all green stars along the way. How to play: - Touch one or multiple balls of the same color to remove them from the playing field - Once all purple balls are removed from a level, press left or right on your device to move them - Use arrows keys to control stickman from left or right direction - Get Green Star by destroying obstacles and enemies before they hit you - Touch blue kite for additional points if

Hyper Ball is a game like you’ve never played before. It combines the classic ball rolling game with various other addictive elements such as the need to match colors, the need to pass numerous obstacles and last but not least, the need to retry failures in order to succeed. The end result is an insanely fun game that will challenge your reflexes, keep you entertained for hours on end and above all, offer you an incredible sense of joy and accomplishment at each new high score you beat. So if you want some arcade-like action mixed with color matching goodness then Hyper Ball is just the game for

The aim of the game is to help the little Ball to reach its goal without getting hurt by other balls and obstacles. There are many different balls with different properties and abilities that you need to use in a clever way to get past level. You will encounter different types of balls, from slow to fast ones, from big ones to small. Some have spikes that you need to avoid or go under, some roll away when hit so you will have to plan your moves carefully and execute them with precision. The last ball standing wins! If it looks easy it’s not… This one is going to be hard but

Ever wanted to hit a baseball or pitch a perfect circle? With Stickman Ball, you can now do both! You have a stickman on the field and he is your batter. Do not worry about his teammates as they will be there batting behind you. Just to make sure that you are always ready to hit, have your glove handy and ready for action. Once the ball is hit, switch to pitching mode and let that ball fly! There’s also an auto catcher so he will catch all balls from any fielder and throw it back on the field. Have fun playing Stickman

How To Play Faceball

Using Mouse

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